About Us

Golden-Charms has grown to become one of the largest online retailer of 14K Gold Charms and Engagement Jewelry.

The company is built on a simple idea: to make sure to supply you with the highest quality products at the lowest prices with a large selection.

At Golden-Charms you'll find high-quality 14K and Diamond jewelry.

We also carry a beautiful collection of religious & family jewelry in addition to diamond fashion rings, 14K earrings,14K pendants, and 14K Men's and Women's necklaces.

You can enjoy our 14K Charms and Diamond Jewelry for many years.

We welcome your questions and feedback.

Feel free to contact us using our email address: info@golden-charms.com

Our office is located in 643 SOUTH OLIVE STREET, SUITE 515, LOS ANGELES, CA 90014


Call us:  818-800-3770